01.+02.06.2019 Workshop Dr. Helmut Raiser in Bulgarien

Gruppe in Bulgarien

On the 1st and 2nd of June 2019 in the City of Sofia, Bulgaria a seminar was held by Dr. Helmut Raiser, accented on the subject „Working qualities of the German Shepherd Dog“.

Sponsor and host oft he event were Dog Sports Training Club „Sirius“. Participants in the seminar were the owners oft en different dog breeds and thirty other people without their dogs.

All oft he audience and participants stayed extremely satisfied with the event. The information was structured in a very interesting and unique way, which helped everyone to understand and acknowledge it quite easy. Fundamental rules, theories and regularities in the field of dog training were presented in Powerpoint slides of schemes and diagrams, supported with clarifying examples.

The structuring oft he dog`s behavior and state of mind via colors, as well as the different working approaches in training, helped all the participants easily and precisely to solve the conflicts, which appear in the process of dog training. Certain rules and tactics were discussed, which in combination with the dog`s genetic working desire and the owner`s influence by commands and technique, can lead to maximum results.

With great gratitude fort he wonderful seminar and the attitude by Dr. Helmut Raiser, who despite the not so high level of performance by most oft he parcitipants, kept a professional and understanding level of approach in giving his best for the fundamental idea to be understood and remembered by everyone.

With great respect,

Dog Sports Training Club „Sirius“

"Dogs do speek, but only to those who know how to listen."